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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 1, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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erge y. wo e f.ei. a dpament of t ge f. ahomend suritwarn dgpant ttf t al-aaki ppormers sit mrnht t lach aackseren -ai tor itedtate on la aks he behf. t edten hficis sang heheath ccildsa h tiva he grownth extmist cwe va areeainwnewxtst infmati onrehat airtrikennfti ont yen.irik alonwithmecane bn onthn al-aaki othe aran samir khan -a wasi he kll. arir anas an k allop bmb maker anas b kilmbd mer asellis dthsil nd asl d n coirmeut finerpnt comeinp fingprinere lted. he'sonsired thengin ld.os expeencedomb ma'srsidheorkg toy.os pe ce bark to desned xploves ud in es dolos uin attemed aack inhe u.. remeerttem ack then u. undwear mehe bber
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ndhisar fingerpnts wer fund o th b bomer s .inrpser fd o he esthneom t bbs in two inte. t bthey iwoere iteercepted ey i engnde an iceed dbai. eng bw iignica b dausei. of he each the men h onca b se th of westchhe allen h of o th the wst yog and l cerfheond savv secrary sta hlary intospeang abo itvvn kanscr.y ta hry to >>eaoybotiksamain len annsso mny >>therikma lrrort an leersho we milloulder o orcapted i les w rcentlld yeas, t oy ptn iontea lonr t teate meri lon t teour leysrri pea-lovg peopr .ys illlong witeaov op our artrsl ng anitllie connueur t rtchet an upheie ponssue a t connue ret up puuing psu aone pung cprehsive sttegi aroac couer crrorehm anveork stgi to aac dyou al-qda oran andk io ailia ds -qnd sfe i ve aia aswhere inheorld s
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the aerinldecraryefe ing heo -awlihoaseyr tyeg wl cruingey his tngli uianguepre ves thelintgunet. re otheveajo bw e to aqaidt. and he tjoiban bo aid d na tan fs cauri na aigur ofhe fcai auraqqa nofwork wel hav men tha iqa a nrk wementav m foha i now, a ntato offofials caing nw, th sigfica.o f itfilsag i th aigca. miltone eit oratien dn a inilne ghantan oti an ann a easrn prince th eprce weies i ti a.idand th w ths talan. a tha got th. thot hi kn. h he mages bases and cooinat heattasn maesstan a besnnddeoo atof ahani antaan a incdinghen a22ni hourncngongireght22n kal ur thatillegeht a pele t wes atle e te
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ag and afgn presint k zaiag d sdfgresi taban kiegoatis a n s tassibn whe theoti a n iurnt grou ibendhehen iur mseners ound tha ki.n m kaenaishas askiki kaakistas leershki to tahe rigns onta le sh tho.a r >>nsugge oing at heouldave th >>geg ebettlde chanc of tt tkingee cnc f wiakisn tn tnge t he sd i caitn'tli find s iatinul mar. and thealib couulcil m. d whoheul w sibeaoul o to? w s to paktan.o? karz gav un to peaak n. gotiionsit the trzibanav u terea a s cideti bomnsrhoheaid tan was r a sdeomd talan aspeacalac emiary lledmiy ed. >> a taure the l ader t
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haqnie isheignicant lr yesaqsnint n o es a nfgha a fces hacapted h fs pt hear paktane waaey fige.r here morak n >> wahis iig reor >>s a oicl. he w in orati osico t lead w onaqqani. otis t ad o was sposeqi.oe the eadeas s se of to hheqani netrkde inof t afghistaand sponible horni et nuernf eratns . ghtad onle uat . ma kn maas kn hvilyrme but gave hlyme n b rtanc ve alrrest n w rnc his alodygrd. >> andst w anher miile striseygnd. nd nother tiroretrommaer >> he ar paktan mlimanter w a amoakn
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ree mlieopl kild in wmo misesileplilin rike the s.isookle ke e ok them ou heas part oheou group he tt a wo oed t gup crdate t aacks agwonst s. t a crdeato aks fcesnd ag t eyot h a haiso f s>> i t h bn ha procte ast i h b few da roftert wa t u. litaer. thk yo ve mu t. u ta thyoeu xews i meran'e i eleio rheadn'arteent ck perrs caaignleg inew h pshiad.tet p rr spe torou cagnin o hhi. pporrspeo aouroting his o perice orn angis t klin ri iegal imgratn. on tbusiinss ial wneimr catllens th onsi polyhat allnes cens im granth toolet itll imtateano i itiorateand sdtet iodoestet md eens to h. s
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anhe govnor es mnso h an notovrot bacng do theris nnetandinon t ste tha er n istronrinon t st deinghason degith iigtionnmeh iigonme texa some oth other xa anditeo o atteing tatnalerdi te dera onteg t ofl replica i nra nsas todf .epca i pic o ashrishrise coding uphe is c h r oningris nis. cg and up ts is wts h rngr n the dandida ts s in wcnsweda.heda in>> if cis cweisteecid to n, t wlhavef che csteido sam afct wve ashen rkam aferryot ain. thn rill benry we. thfhrisl e rist inwoeekis. he iis st gndki e iovnor. g wan play. runng for.prese i an ore py. nnfoese i mplitede tn bng gernr. >>hink helid tndetand h b grn has
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>> a bignkob andelentend h ofas oppounit s anad rigaceob downdhent ad tf get poit invanved r.ceow tet >>nvd the arensringha causet w put tohere tmng in us kaas wito tmn peatkaly, vern chrtie idit he is not ruatnnin, rnhre >>onite oisot hukabein you wil >>i hearrom o hbeouil forr maschus tsar rott rney,hat tonhtorasus n ry, hutabeeightfterheon hueehter fox port esidt oba taed aoutox t pl ort ra ing aidsobta at the t bufplt o ru.a g ying thatheheuf ru r h snguldhaeay gher r sdtax tn th res o er . thxth oaclees o o thma sai olehats o not whaemaaieant t not thantomeo m in ot fe llioeor m f bllio ior b miodi evy. on to e mdi 50,00ut o heev ono 300, miion o w hav
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30 hein wav comepayi low h tax. >> t whe house me nyi sowyiax how >>ny th hse arica wou n f sallyi der thew ny bffet re. aca ou f thel u.s rheredent bet hore rn hes ho.s staherento the roedn hot th rta capet.rehe we'ltello y w. thd it is rca thet.umbe o 'lllssue y w in t atiots rhthebe now. o ue lkin in tbout piouttg r milliono of pple bac k iinworkut p ttwhatsilon pheeelayyacn th irk at job act?yy th g to whiton t job fd out t? ouo whin t fd knout mumen tre i ttle mbyen t aarthake s wagt e leuys aryi to fix it.thke s thad aysyioixett.ack. theythad to a comk.ack wn ey t omk to bmore enronmtallawar areow pntin theack des usepape breennmllar re pin he k ans we ssetchepeto f ex 'cau a l of eir ckagg ntaian srehecled fater lf r ag aill t m whre elsed erfe.x do. welle'reow ung morelect c trks twhls fedo anloweemison anesll re u recttr weven fer a usab envope. an weisw, c 't wat lesst p nt on t bacsideof ud par?
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wen ra abnve. c w l pwh 's t t exeactivede ucomppasati lis..? wh txevemptiis? [ le aounc ] suainae sotion fex. so tionthat[ atte a nc sunasoon fe soonatte malannocer wn itomeso sang nerg 'reff ta go sta. alnor witessag rg but ow ireti t to go ta to e ne lev. t itio ne letev do a lile decti wor eto li dtior pi up at wneed ro outpi.p wed calk.. nd itallrout anpret soo wee seng e f itsf oca lab.. ill anetooese fts oab rightherat o botm li. re vingmore oinggher ootli tht's e por of the e omengeporeng owths cos ingpo otouof atte inseatioo owcog ou isttnly ns.97 ioroll isy 7 ll
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>> clingn congss t get its act cng cngs tog ttheret pres ent sama inghecteeklyoger addrs to es ut rgea gemocts akl reblics t ps isdrto ueoc a reic t p 447
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jos bi to g pple47ack tojobio work g pe he'sk pet doyon rk shin on.he et>>rerteropresent ama id its in. reerest a it tree weksjobsill to tngree. he wts twebslnowo w re the a w t drginghe fet.w whe a dr >>ng f.ome replins s ty ree. d >>t ise timeep sor t me e. t nows wheehe tw prosals are wh i nt le t kno wtrolsre ty are i l tno ainst wt agnst t p tinge tche and ast ag tfireghte andolic pngffics ba thend onhe jobb o irengtendicic banob nstrtion oorke toedo o tron ke roos. anare theo ogai tro ging t cuanehe torke iaii t ameca? tke >> iegisred vots ame?pl out e >>isdob'sot pl. apl t 38 pcenthinkt'sl wil. cate bs pnt nk d 3 pcent sayil ce t ill me pntay no differncand 8erce l min i illiernc cdt js a oce p of ihatl9 cterce j a o thi that heoft precedentax ahi at
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job'plan thirent i atsad a b'anhi 48%hink i itss gd. a an %nkerce mixt. g andeplicaeelceix. dhatcalt cuing excsiveegulio uld a cugxc gooveuliodea. d a >> pside obaoo waia. pdeba w 's wilng t top xssivil t gulaon shod foowopxiv t la hohousd ion psing t us t i p jobng bil tahe t oortutyobil tta wid ocommturnd a goverent ouid of e way mmour a g eernomyt oun ref rnay to creing js. emy re wheo tre agguin jonnues in ashi hn, t theeeinnges inbouthi jo iheleak frenuterce thi tha a jo irak from nw, encehihanempynt wl be omhighhan tod.mpy w thenn pcenthinkt gh wlnode th pnt nk lor, hris. w wowe that lo hs.slarmg. ow pete thaha y.rmg. >> teha y >> predent clintallg a
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bridrentol cntorll a id gernmt. crety oftate hlary into gnm a d ghte etofherete h forry to e mai a dtere ent.or ai it ces 20 y ears. aer h c unch hiss cpain f a esidt. >> the a cochsfis you cai f w id ca>>n ghee a emplecos oou wt w you d ca fo gr ele o weou dhi i fo mht nevere he be mme g nernoer o he gerno the be se gnd tnoe ond ctainly not g no prheiden >> se t t cin cnsinlanot to sta prenn >> lile r tk cin forno ata wkend li r lorgg a cebratn maing e wndirs pr lidenal b. ceatma g e danrousrs weaher. pren b ltinhe rep r anusear. wor inn tep tion monument.or t in pventg onon theent. eineering pnt heom ppolg dn eheeeng pidol dnid th are docenti the thethre daer.oc ti thhe engnee was nurhend da. th sa hengeas nur enjed
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sa theeise that tnj sruthe csecern abo at t sut crn thebo ddlyiest ot outeakhend d tyitext fooutk continat wit t lisria. xt d ioo i yr nt ownatitis ba.k iard, a i bear yalks onwn b yrr ppertd, a a ar ksreatsn t y p orts you l ave. n yo at soot t ooutegal l?. yo we'l sfindtut. isal arow g'lnd. ctro ver s aow c ro where a m took t a gri ly.wha m but tok t aiestightowsri. with the fets. tithts thhefe [ [ malennouer ] huma belves thinis mre iportt th[ relleionsoups. ] maels in m i[ grrtdma latithshipelare nsfe... grifa ou d 't htie thip thie fil youhear if d hthhi thilouar an yousoul. l t wayver ere. [ ganndmaou ...ulu're issi tthayt par of e.ur le gma..resi thpa f tha ljustulfis yo ♪ ♪hastfiyo ♪ te trs goy ♪ ♪♪
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ttrgo♪ malennouer ] r ust huna the tter e knle youou ] ushu e beer cahelpou chse e erknou e rit huna bedica placa--lp ch that whyuman agen ri husit wn w h yocala athy toanigurenout t ur m wicaryooptis. ande hato nururs yotcan ll mytiar, evti at a.m. dhauryon tievt m. beausehen u'ren th rig huma mecarelan besen re thig um med tareng gnd ca of yrsel ta gen cau ca be t re y elor t peoe whmatt mos n ca t teowhttos [ gndma mfami is joymy he, gma mmis oy h theyre mhear 's t rean weet o bedn thmorng...ey mar [ grdpa tthe eaasonwee f ol edto thed arnnig.. somimesgra e on f o ag om[ gesndma yes tt's ght. [ me anunce] huna. gmaes ts t. mancehu. the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re
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migh cag montat eecoli.t ghitta c ei. cau c dydraon and audneyailuhere dra is a hignd eylure aig numr of tes sult the meaumofes as lt pro cedeeaepteer 23 ahipprod t rteaile 23n a lifoiapp and arina t rle and fond ri neaskand neka amica'deadestoodor tbre is s eadiama'adt tod someing se re ys sdio. meg e y lter strnsay n b e in l luce.ertr a n baforn in g lwer ree.caing rn2500 c grtonrecag of coppe 00 con af cpe sleddomai. tr a laf ed far recleai tr tarec prodt. th cpany t offia ting od th can to resureff c tgmer. we tre rere tstin c pr.duc nde ditellf tim tinnd puc stin i ote pla and tim wein i are olandere
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satizi eve da we te t sazivea h eare bout hea tentl borut illss th ntorll th syem ioye ict any conteinatn. ny >> lteri canause fer ntat >> and lriansee mule aes and mu a a gastinteinal pduct stte al d pctmtrak tinolling wi a t> ctor tilerra tlg wi i no thernor talierrni hapningn i discery y. no rn re tinniapng200 pscpley we on t t0 trnn. r porlewen t onying tr. le ror reating. e og t lckkrive not h urt atg.nd theyreookn for tkveot wtt caus t ollieyonkor a mar ba wlever aus t bar.lion maara. arily c whohot chot br en the wonder b oveheoo toer
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>>an soinr i s lemi in the>> west sinoas i beaund l this wasnhe histwn bacasu yd. >>hi hisas hiac property, y get is hars,t erort te geretyar hl w fcing th ter posbity o a h w fng $5000 nd os aear o inris f50 ootg abearr tha iis w th freatning otg is arha faly. co wider a cubh atatng teeears fa .d, it co werubt t30 prsnds. ant w i wus p s. yrd san away i w fromushe hilome whe yrd itas ay ot. omil heehe kewt . he cledn kndanered cd n anal. an theand fds an. an shoedhe eveone in fdsho e idveo whe i the chaed hil idwhhe ha thil vlating tndgere spies vt.ti t youamy isnre d gersps h ouis beinmaul drr injed o kill by a in gulzzl ar ornj ony lly a otr an gal fzl o tt mter, i isotan c fmonenseo t mr, proct you i mily fmhe cnse aack.roou >> br lyttac are u ain tk.
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s.. b dacre seralave t beefata whil. e lee geezzlytaopulion il is gr ing i g ylyllowtoneuln its is grg i ytrugowng itheneacif tnortest. i erere ug o inlye cen inif rt tt. eange sty in cadaenn a thatge w n ca th a suprtedhehargt w th agupnst edremyill.rg ey wted to fagint outmy il. h wa wdo finut i atingn h slf denser wa t. >> ang dese dr't wan peo e thi>>kin it is d okayaneohi tn sho a bsr oy if i t step on youho b proferty i epwe nd o a houherbar.roty n herr. >> pple s ty hav led with earsorev pe a s s tupptav l th thrsecevover effts a spp but wried th er abfft govnmt overreah.ut w ed as for sabremytovve heal, as phapsor swingmy t pubcresre h pps de rtme ng t ofubse jusceropp th charde andme hf wl hav touspp ytharnd h $ w,000 finendavo $,000 $00in i lega bea $.00 >> you i c't sot gaeaear
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>>ou tt c slooksideayt your prk t thk youer mouch. p acherri ingthyoeray m. oven n a fr.rig a o pneen cshin in f perr c in ieel and trappin thehildn herr lndrainidhe ld amangescu and wt tid pilo sai afr themarh.cund w t >> loai senfysfhe hunrngnd a whe >>otf senysouraun wtn ahe wh ptur ofrahis wt moner g or. ur thefson sor g. o t e b ctch cong u sor t ch co u
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malannocer oneundr-nineen ta ints thiis wt wean g heralnor fem andrrdininy n c sh ta t dutsy. hi wwe gr ftwoanilliin dat poin.c tdu ts ishat canathe frwom a lixus atash inst gius. tist anhe fra s h gs. enge reing ngreg wheyou rsue indtry-adinsafe heu ue ndyouy-on'tinust fegine brethrohs ou'tt ne re roin sulatn tchnogy ou eineeamaz g. sat tno eeeaz ♪ ♪
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am hrr fauner dthis is t foxmepor hrr au tir forheis t of he tewsoxor is tior just i tf forws f. rman causin's ior fommicaon drec r an rigad's tengmca d nec r toige peure dherore pe e portritie relenaricha hop rtieer en parte isot ahaopefleionf e camrtpaigis. a wning tlen a rica amig erywre f lowi w newng t co aernscaf posbleay yw f bwikew attas fothe conseat ofose b t tafoeatf rror t reciter anr or ecal-aeraki. ened -ai. a kingll.s. citens to ang eroll.its i ama ell tvel ogra ima hiseath tl ay ra sthnre terrori
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he as wel nerri heselat cdits forcor takgown ctsop rc takn haqqi ofcial. thave bee qqoordofatalg attas ag nsth.seeerdatg taag trps..s >> a trucen the rer. i aibyar e thehe r iya he home tn f o gdafi theyanoom tn f g oive gfi civians ey yove ge thecitens.ivns hets. davi ppertreang lero vi troli r preahe l lest. roved wt a tri thaes for lt. it appe ng.d w a t the isor hea itpeunfi.oing thiseafing on ere? undstan thaunred o e? ca ndanhare geingd up. d cautsi ofheeg uhreeile easif wheaddaeeeorce sti
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contl.he ey a getng o.da ce ittis it a s lownt aetroce o.ecau theyiteit to ahk all sw oceau tse carseyooh mkell sur o t t rerssuro weaps or hi talue tget apori therwas incintnue whi a tet faly of ers foucit wehiilleafte fa o theyouamendeatta. wlete eyedeta citins are pepedoee an thes ti p ep th wano etan o.he re buare the rthdyan t o buehe r to? the is sti ma lalihes ti r gdafa lli it gaf iistst ts its t . th ty a fghngn gaafi'side th t a fghg gai'de th rel fces hathntroce a pate so fshaeoplanroce gut.ato
7:32 pm
many peoepl a cow ging.n nyeo thr aow basgentsearin reprthals.asts d aw manfein prs. tmrefami awan mber of t tigers sucmi er af t sfromuc murandhey aave bn om m uryingao fit a helpyheire b ngfi a fami mem hrs.lp >>ir thank you miem. >> forhankou rorti nigh >>or rti conctedurdern gh tunonedder wh t sped deces g and sd he' ec gportndly getnge' rt anttoryang ttisreat clnt wlor cla t cl wla new intit ande's earsldew i andit d esped frs trsndaysi pison esindr 1ent t hesi pon sved sev 1nyents ofis he sd -30 yr sevtenee aof par o gro 0 y s tent a jackar o lanro i t algea ndck went onon le i i ge
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hoeenn and lecam i hondamitin. u.s. autriti capredi him rlie hiss. wekuttiapfterdim mating ies w aingerier finrpintat tgken from nagedri omhe suld std c i ptuga a sd jtdg i expte ioak pga aa j dg rug th ixpneeks. >> a a frch ruth iteks idna>>ed fro raeach hoe itenaro kench'soe i rest landen armes mil an nd abt ded rm th wom iil the mddle of theb d ght d th se'som inhelef hhe 6 ndt d insn ahe hchai in theyriedtotopaiheapto ey ey toedok herop toto omaa.o er ofcial sayoarlia iratofal ay lledliatff ted iack. pires a tnvold ik. i s their aol secd iuc aeack in aecd polar uris are akn natnalay por oisreha urns at ln aay o pro ost ahans
7:34 pm
ig a allee forohe aeople iig lefo ile as wpl i gorou theorl d e ins 80 w sods.ouhe rl inhina80 hdred s.eopl ma hing n hg knaong hedaing r thpl mang reasof h kgg all th r polasical isons an e toll onearty onan eonety this . cnicing the is anversy ofhe cicg heeopls re blicanfrsof d reic chi. ca. poli ake on pttorn thehi li e eatsnf porhe stia. a man ts ducedimse sia ann d ed li al t al fht t theighost ff th micalhe d th mhe pallip cnes. d pps. a thoonn aa wee tbattoning e aain-akedatioee o ttg is dalin witn-edio n iser i d
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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